For Kakashi’s lifelong event,These two people,Of course the soil is to be matched,of course,More importantly, Lin,Lin will be resurrected sooner or later,Kakashi,No change in appearance,Still the sixth generation of Hokage,No matter how you look at it, you have an advantage over yourself, the villain who has turned his back to the right.。
but,What if Kakashi gets married。
Thought of here,Take the soil to look at Kakashi and Terumi Mei,Smile subconsciously。
“what happened?”
Kakashi shivered while chatting with Terumi Mei。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Two
Inside the village of Konoha。
“Deputy Director of SHIELD,Husky,At the same time, Hydra secretly arranged undercover under S.H.I.E.L.D.。”
Tsunade looked at the Husky and Red Wolf in front of him and said,The reason why he didn’t avoid the Red Wolf,Because of the identity of Red Wolf,Tsunade knew it a long time ago。
“I didn’t expect you to know this。”
Shun Huo said,While looking at Jilaiya。
“Not me。”
Jilaiya immediately said。
How did Tsunade know this?,Of course instant fire knows,After all, I’m the second and fifth affair,It was deliberately revealed to Naruto through the jar merchant。
“The jar merchant should only reveal to Ming talent。”
“Anyway, I am also the fifth generation of Hokage in Konoha Village,I am naturally qualified to know things like this。”Tsunade continued with a serious expression,“Then,Undercover as a Hydra,At the same time as the deputy director of SHIELD,For this time,Do you have any solution?”