“Thank you Secretary Peng,I don’t want to do anything now,I’ll talk after he clears the money。”
“correct,Did your factory sell?”
“No,Brother-in-law won’t sell,They say what they will eat in the future?Factory in South City,Bus company in Dongcheng,So that it does not affect each other,Let them take care of it for now,I’m not going to care about this。”
“You tell me,Did Yu Dacha really buy this company??”
“I doubt it,Once I bought someone from him,I learned that Zhu Guoqing’s concubine was mixing up inside,I feel there is her share in it,She should have a small share,Most of it was demolished by Yu Da。”
Yao Jing holds shares,To put it bluntly, Zhu Guoqing owns shares,How much can Yao Jing have?
Peng Changyi took a breath,Said:“Ok,OK then,I think it can only be so,I may really be unable to do anything for you,You may not need me to do anything。”
Speaking of which,Peng Changyi hung up,Didn’t even say goodbye。
Ronman was taken aback,I know that Peng Changyi is not satisfied with the result,And obviously disappointed,I don’t know if I’m disappointed with myself,Still disappointed in what happened。But what else can?Peng Changyi rejects himself thousands of miles away,After this happened,I don’t want to discuss it with someone,He is not shutting down,Just don’t answer the call,Many normal tasks that should be asked by the person who introduced his initial project,She couldn’t ask him for instructions,I had to ask the mayor or the deputy mayor for instructions,Can you blame yourself for this?
Thought of here,Ronman sighed,Sent a message to Peng Changyi:Sorry,I messed up things myself,otherwise,Will not have such a result。
After Peng Changyi received this message,Didn’t give her back,But deleted this message。
he is very angry,Also feel very depressed,Just like what he told Ronman just now,This is bullying。But you can’t blame Ronman blindly,The main responsibility is on oneself,Let Yu Dachai this bastard succeed again。
Peng Changyi took out a bottle of iced mineral water from the refrigerator,Gudong Gudong took a few guts,Then I felt a little better in my heart。He sat down,So I called Lu Hua。
Lu Hua was connected soon,Said:“Secretary Peng,Problems?”
“Ok,Lao Lu,See if Secretary Lu is at home,If you are okay, come to me。”
Lu Hua originally wanted to visit the elderly’s house with his wife for a while,Listen to Peng Changyi saying that,He felt that Peng Changyi must have something to find them,Just said:“Ok,I will contact him immediately。”
After a while,Lu Hua called,Said:“Secretary Lu is buying a toilet seat on the street,He will come to you right away,I will also leave immediately。”
“Ok。I greet the guard immediately。”