“I don’t think there will be such a day,I have always believed in Western medicine。”Yang Si obviously knew the identity of Doctor Mo Xiaosheng from Wei Xue.,The moment he took his hand back,Wiped the palm of my hand on my clothes,It seems that Mo Xiaosheng’s hands are dirty。
At this time, Jiao Yuan in a black suit stepped onto the podium,The people under the stage said:“Thank you all for coming to my dinner today,See me off,Although I won’t be in Heyang anymore,But Hayang is still my home……”
“Wei Xue,Believe it or not,Secretary Jiao will introduce me in front of everyone soon。”Yang Si hold his head up,Looks quite arrogant。
“of course,There are several other film professionals hired from abroad。”He quickly added。
“real or fake?Are you paid so high?”Wei Xue looked at him,Quite unexpected。
“of course,We are high-end talents in the film industry,To what extent can the entire Wanyu Film and Television City develop in the future,In what direction,It all depends on ours。”Yang Si said arrogantly。
“You’ve gone too far?”Mo Xiaosheng raised his eyebrows and glanced at him,“With the abilities of the few of you,I’m afraid it can’t determine the development direction of the studio?”
“Humph,What do you know,You have no ability,Naturally think it’s impossible,Elites like us,Can influence the development of Hollywood abroad,Let alone a film and television city,In other words, it affects the development of the entire China Film and Television industry,Not too much!”Yang Si fights for face in front of Wei Xue,Exaggerated blowing。
“Just,Stinking rogue,Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand,How much do you know about the film and television industry,You don’t even know the investment project Heyang just brought,Are still teaching others here!”Wei Xue took the opportunity to deliberately suppress Mo Xiaosheng,Quite proud of his face,Who told him to call her niece just now。
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head and smiled,Nothing more,He doesn’t understand the film industry,But he is one of the owners of Wanyu Studios!
“the following,Let me introduce some special guests,In the future, Heyang and even the entire China film and television industry may have to look at them。”Jiao Yuan said with a smile,“Please come on stage if I can read the name,Shen Jiajun,Yang Si……”
“Wei Xue,did you see that。”Yang Si has a chest,Immense pride,Then walk to the podium,When passing by Mo Xiaosheng,Whispered,“Soil buns,Do you know who Lao Tzu is?,Fuck away from Wei Xue from now on,If it’s not for Wei Xue’s face,I don’t know how to shake hands with a hillbilly like you!”
After speaking, he quickly walked to the stage。
Mo Xiaosheng heard this,I couldn’t help shaking my head and sneered,Are the young people so crazy now?,If this kind of person is recruited to his company,,Then it won’t break the company?
Thinking of this, he directly called Guo Yuansheng。
At this time Guo Yuansheng was drinking with some important guests at a dinner party,The secretary came over quickly,Low channel:“boss,your phone number。”
“Didn’t you say that I won’t answer the phone tonight??”Guo Yuansheng said coldly。
“but,You said this call is coming,No matter what the situation, you must be notified as soon as possible。”The secretary quickly explained。
“what?It’s Mr. Mo’s?”