“Elder,Did you get up,I’ll wait for you to wash!”
Still no sound。
Maybe out of curiosity,The woman tried to open the door to get in,Shouting while walking:“Elder Yue?”The voice has not fallen,Another scream,“what……blood,Blood……”
Huangshan University hurried over when he heard the news,Frowned when he went to the room,Elder Yue is gone?
There is a pool of blood on the ground,The room is empty,Judging from the situation at the scene, it should be what happened at night,But he has no idea。
“meeting,President,Do you think Elder Yue……”
Hear the next person,Huangshan freshman looks gloomy:“To shut up,Elder Yue is alive and well,How could something happen,remember,Take care of your mouth,Who dares to go out and talk nonsense,Don’t live。”
Stand up straight,Shouted with a serious face。
Everyone knows that Yue Zhuofan is unlikely to live,But Huangshan has a big talk,No one dared to mention another word。
This matter is too big,Huangshan University must contact it as soon as possible,If Yue Zhuofan really died here,Then he can’t escape the old president。
The Warrior Association seems calm as usual,No news came from inside,This is the news that Black Tiger got。
Xia Chenglong didn’t panic at all,He believes in himself,So believe in the truth。
Compared to things in the city,There is one more important thing to do,Rested for a long time,Mo Qilin’s body is much better,The three left Ben Thanh without anyone paying attention。
No one noticed because no one noticed,As long as Xia Chenglong wants,No one can know his whereabouts。
The scene outside the city is completely different from the inside,It’s completely different from hundreds of years ago。