And the shark seems to wait for a long time,The huge mouth swallowed him whole,And then hit the ground heavily。
The ground keeps shaking,The big pit hit was filled with clear water。
And Tang Chen’s attack is not over.
054 End abuse the soul king,Ancient Alchemy!
“Tu Dun:Earth Dragon Bullet!”
“Fire escape:Garuda!”
Tang Chen’s reincarnation eyes have been opened,Continuous use of spirit ability needs to replenish spirit power。
The soul master feels like Kakashi,You have to stop cooking if you can’t use many spirit skills。
Especially the continuous release of spirit abilities,It’s likely to drain the soul power。
No wonder the original work of Tang Sanjin,Every bit of emotional energy must be used rationally。
Combat battery life depends on returning to blue speed.
Of course this also means,How important is the role of auxiliary soul masters in the team。
This is what Tang Chen is most upset about,Although he seems to have unlimited spirit power,But it was spent on mental power in exchange for。
Before getting the head soul bone,The total amount of mental power and recovery speed are not high。
This is likely to be a weakness,Must find a way to complete。