Yue Feng looked at Ou Baobao’s bright eyes like a child,My heartbeat is a bit fast,But it’s a bit heavier。
When I first faced baby Ou,Yue Feng couldn’t help being flushed,Time to get along,Really,Both body and mind are tortured by Baby Ou。Baby Ou is fine,just,Great。normal person,It’s really hard to digest this kind of good。Yue Feng feels,He is a common man,Only worthy of another ordinary man。
Like an angel girl like Ou Baobao,Only Xie Yunchu is so otherworldly,To be worthy of。
and so,Only after knowing that I have no chance or possibility,Yue Feng and Xie Yunchu became friends,I wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to Bao Bao’s mind,And he quickly pinched it out。
And Yue Feng knew,This is the fundamental reason why Xie Yunchu finally endured him later。
By Baby Ou,Need the opposite sex,To stop those of the opposite sex who also want to approach by being friends。and,Proceed to high school,There will be more updates of the opposite sex with Ou Baobao。and so,In the next semester of junior high,Xie Yunchu defaulted to him and Li Shunyuan,Stayed by Bao Bao。
They were selected by Xie Yunchu,For Ou Bao,Two walls。
long time ago,There is a legend。People around Bao Bao,Are all screened。
Yue Feng originally didn’t believe it。after all,Yin Nini and Zhuge Yaoniang,It’s really not a good thing。but,After being able to get closer to Bao Bao,Yue Feng believed it——Only show the value of being harmless enough to be left with Ou Baobao,Only have a weak chance to get close to Ou Baobao。Through actual action,Clarify this value,And continue to add value,So you can really get close。
But it’s just close。
Because besides Xie Yunchu,Baby Ou does not recognize any partner of the opposite sex。Let alone boyfriend.
Li Shunyuan’s efforts,More than him。And privately,They both always muttered together,Although they have paid a lot,But really,Not as good as Xie Yun’s contribution,One in ten thousand。And even if someone can do Xie Yun out of this point,but,The identity of a childhood sweetheart,Just hang everyone。
To the point where Xie Yun came out,Not difficult。The hard part is,Ten years as a day。
Fickleness is people’s favorite way of life。Can be used for many purposes,Used as a lot of excuses and reasons。
but,Xie Yunchu is not a fickle person。He grew up,Likes,hairstyle,Even clothing preferences,Never changed。
Baby Ou,And Xie Yunchu,Is a kind of people。
Not fickle。Are exceptionally firm。
Anti-personality and anti-natural firmness。
I didn’t understand this at first,Can’t do it。I get it now,Still can’t do。