Zhu Guoqing smiled,Said:“I belong to the direct type mentioned by Secretary Peng。”
Boss said:“I can bet,This joke no matter what I tell anyone,Are those senior leaders,He will also laugh。”
Everyone again“Haha”Laughed。
Boss continued:“and also,The story of the mousse earthworm that Secretary Peng told,Very technical,in case……If you don’t think about it carefully,Is unable to understand the humor of the joke itself,Secretary Peng,I’ve shown off your joke to many people,Especially people our age……”Talking,He patted Peng Changyi’s hand and said。
Peng Changyi said:“If you like these jokes,I’ll let someone be responsible for helping you collect,Our organization department has a deputy minister,He also likes jokes,I will ask them to sort out the jokes that are popular in our place next day,Pass it to you,You are filtering。”
Boss said:“Dare to love。”
Peng Changyi said again:“In addition,I also worked in Sanyuan County in the mountainous area,I can talk to the people over there,There are a lot of jokes,That earthworm joke,When I went to the countryside in Sanyuan,A party secretary told me。”
“Oh,That’s great,Thank you Secretary Peng。”The boss happily shook hands with Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi said:“I also want to thank you for your support,If we succeed in this project,Then you have greatly benefited the people of Kangzhou。”
Boss said:“Secretary Peng,you are too polite,This is a mutually beneficial thing,To us,The bus line is extended to Waifu,It is conducive to strengthening economic cooperation with these places,Also expanded the economic life circle of the capital,One of the simplest and most intuitive phenomenon is the opening of buses,Most of you here will go to the capital to consume,The benefit is obvious。The deep meaning is that it is possible that this transportation route will relieve the pressure on housing in the capital in the future,There may be many migrant workers in Beijing who will settle in these surrounding areas with convenient transportation.,The elderly in the capital may also choose surrounding areas with relatively little pollution,So Secretary Peng,Environmental protection、Livable,Will be your strategy for a relatively long time in the future,That is what I thought。”
“Great!Great!”Peng Changyi slapped happily,Seeing Zhu Guoqing and the others said:“National Day,Our four leaders,On behalf of Kangzhou,A glass of wine。”
Zhu Guoqing、Deng Zhangji、Qian Cheng stood up with Peng Changyi,The boss also stood up excitedly,They did this glass of wine。
Peng Changyi said with emotion:“A few words,Just what we didn’t want to form,Thank you so much,It also allows us to see the direction of hard work in our future work。”