Jiang Fan said:“Secretary Wang and I are waiting for you,Come here。”
Peng Changyi hesitated,Think about it even if it’s night action,Have to wait till ten o’clock at night,Just say:“Ok,I’ll arrange it。”
Peng Changyi gave the phone to Gong Weixian,Said:“Director Guo,How do we arrange work and meals?。”
Director Guo said:“Usually in our cafeteria,If there is action in the evening, let the master prepare in advance。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“No wonder news is always leaked,These are not tight places。How about this,Find a small restaurant in the future,Set a fixed amount with them。”He turned his head and said to Gong Weixian:“The mayor has something to do with me,I’ll go back,You arrange first,Call me later。”
Gong Wei first nodded,Say:“Ok,Turn on your phone。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“tonight,This one……”He gestured to Gong Wei and said with his mobile phone。
Gong Wei laughed,Say:“rest assured。”
Peng Changyi left the office building of the Environmental Protection Bureau,I saw Old Gu had been waiting in the car,He leaned in his seat and listened to music,The heater is on in the car,Peng Changyi said:“Go to Golden Shield,”
Old Gu adjusted his seat again,He was about to release the handbrake,Just heard Peng Changyi say:“what is this?Pierced my pants!”
Always listen,Just smiled and said:“When you have a meeting,I’ll go back to the unit to get the fuel ticket to refuel,I happened to see Director Jiang’s driver carrying a few maces,Said it is equipped with,Turns out they used steel,This time I changed the glue stick,I asked Director Jiang for a new one and one they eliminated,Put in the car,Self-defense。I often deal with these people in the future,Can’t help it。”
“I asked the Public Security Bureau at the meeting today。”
Old Gu said:“The police are now equipped with the latest style,You should request a tear gas gun。”
“That’s ok,Don’t say he won’t give,I can’t even ask for it。”Peng Changyi smiled。
Peng Changyi felt that this old Gu Shun nodded,It took so long,For the first time I found that his driver still has something valuable,At least know the protector。So said:“I’m just going to hurt you again,Do this mostly at night,I’m afraid you can’t bear it,How about I tell Director Wang,You follow me during the day,Change to a young driver at night。”
Old Gu said:“I do not,I will follow you day and night,no problem,Don’t think I am older than you,On spirit,You young people may not be better than me,Besides, I’m familiar with you,I understand when you look,Can’t change someone else,Misfortune。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Then thank you。”
Old Gu said:“Don’t you say that,You are the most forgiving leader I have ever met,I don’t say you know,My former child’s wife is sick,I’m a little tight at home,Indeed did something less visible in the car repair,But you didn’t open me,Didn’t pursue me,I’m very content,I have a lot of problems,Director Wang also told me,But I have no major problems,Now I have learned a lot from Director Peng,Understand a lot,do not worry,I will not trouble you a little bit in the future,Never let you be embarrassed because of me,Since you are carrying dangerous and hard work right now,I will not be a deserter,and so,Don’t find anyone,I’ll take care of you,I’m still worried about changing someone else。”