6th NBA Live Rockets vs Eagles Video Address Warcraft Battle Old Master
At 7:30 am on November 6th, Beijing time, the NBA regular season Rockets will play away with the Eagles back to back.After losing to the Wizards on the road, the Hawks have the same record as the Rockets, with 3 wins and 2 losses.The game will be broadcast live.Click to watch: Rockets vs Eagles live video live interactive graphics and live scores, Harden leads the team to challenge the Eagles game. What to watch: Warcraft battles the old master, the rocket fights the hardship. For the Rockets, the eagle must be a hardship. In the past confrontation, the eagleHas completed a five-game winning streak against the Rockets, three of which are at home.There is no doubt that in the past, the Rockets used XJBD tactics and encountered the Eagles’ team mode.However, after the arrival of D’Antoni, the Rockets resolutely developed tactics around Harden as the core, but it was small and effective.  Harden currently averages 31 points per game.8 points, 7 rebounds and 12.4 assists, including the fourth in the drama league, the first in the league, the data is very violent.So far in the new season, his drama has never fallen below 28 points.Under Harden’s guidance, Gordon Jr. (17.6 points), Anderson (12.2 points) with Ariza (11.4 points) the wonderful all reached double digits.Harden himself has played 11 games with the Hawks in his personal career, averaging 20 points per game.8 points 4.7 rebounds 4.6 assists.In the two duels with the Hawks last season, although the Rockets knelt in both games, Harden scored 26 points in both games.  Another highlight of this game is that Howard will represent his hometown team in a duel with his old club.After switching to the Hawks, Howard averaged 16 per game.4 points and 12 rebounds, with the highest performance improvement last season.At present, all the Eagles’ top player Millsap can average 16 per game.8 points 7.8 rebounds.This will consist of players inside, will give Houston a sufficient test of defense in the restricted area.Star counterpoint: How did Harden vs. Howard’s former Morden combination, from teammates fighting side by side to opponents who met each other?Although the two are not in position, looking back at each other, there must be a feeling of sigh.The Hawks are bound to lay heavy soldiers for Harden. The Swiss army knives Saforosa and Bezmore may cause Harden to siege.Among them, Saforosa is the league’s steals master, currently he takes 2.8 steals ranked second in the league, Harden needs to be extra careful with him.For Warcraft, his main opponent will be Capella. Last season, Morey hoped that Capella would give Capella more playing time, but he was rejected.Confrontation record: In the history of the Eagles’ five consecutive killing rockets, the Rockets and the Eagles had a total of 148 games, and the two teams won 74 games each, evenly divided.In the past five encounters, the Eagles have won.But what is interesting is that before the Eagles had five consecutive kills, the Rockets had completed six consecutive kills against the Eagles from January 16, 2011 to November 28, 2013.