Xu Sheng’s nine scarlet 100,000-year spirit rings,Is already at the same level of combat power as yourself!!
If I don’t use one hundred thousand year spirit ring,,Won’t have any winning percentage!!!
This unpretentious battle,It seems to be infinitely close to the category of the battle of the two gods!!!
The room where Qian Daoliu was before is not just a room!It is also a large duel field with a full length of several kilometers!!
The moment when Golden Crocodile Douluo used Qiandaoliu out of the Angel Realm outside,Already felt!
Golden Crocodile Douluo secretly said“Ok?Angel field!Is this Xu Sheng already so strong??”
Can make Qian Daoliu use the angel realm,Then the guy named Xu Sheng,The strength is absolutely terrifying to a certain extent!
After,Huge spirit power fluctuations spread from the room,Even if the other elders are stupid,I also know that Xu Sheng and Qian Daoliu have started to fight!
Snake Spear Douluo thought about it“this is,Xu Sheng and the Great Elder(Great worship)Start to fight?”
Another Title Douluo said in doubt“Then shall we go in and have a look?”
The porcupine is not angry“Go in and see?Do not make jokes!This level of battle,I’m afraid that the moment we enter, it will be ashes!”
The fifth black spirit ring under Qian Daoliu’s feet lights up,Cold voice“Fifth Spirit Ability!Sacred Sword!”
I saw the sword of the angel in the hands of the Seraphim behind him exuding a strong aura of killing,A dazzling white light dyed the red flame in the middle of the angel’s sword into gold!
immediately,Seraphim slowly raised the angel’s sword,Targeted Xu Sheng,Then slowly cut down……
The golden sword light is like a divine punishment,Being charged up from the sword of angels,And rushed towards Xu Sheng at a very fast speed……
A golden halo is reflected in Xu Sheng’s pupils……