As for Lin Yu,Hearing the warning from the wife of the director,Don’t say anything,instead,Still want to see,Husband,Is it really lawless?。
Women see Lin Yu not saying anything,I thought Lin Yu was scared。
Opened again:“how?
Wasn’t it arrogant before??”
“right now,Why not arrogant?”
“Ha ha!!Right now he,How dare to be arrogant?”
A woman next to,I watched the excitement here before。
just,Never spoke。
right now,Heard what this woman said,A fanatical expression,Looking at Lin Yu,Disdain。
and,The director’s husband。
While talking to women。
With anger,Far away,People haven’t arrived yet,The sound began to appear,Anger:“Grandma bear,Who bullied my wife?”
“Husband,You came?”
“This guy。”
Women see themselves more than two hundred catties,A big belly husband appeared。
Far away,Just act like a baby。
“It’s you kid,Bully my wife, right??”