Zheng Jie first said hello to Yanzi,Swallow was injured before,So there was a period of time in the base“Recuperate”,Zheng Jie came to play at the base during summer vacation,So the general gave her to Yanzi’s hands,So the two of them are very familiar and have a good relationship。
Chapter Four Thousand and Thirty Nine It’s more naughty
“Xiaojie,Welcome to join us。”
In the presence of the Shen’s sisters,Yanzi can only say such kind words,Other inconvenience。
Huff,The Shen’s sisters immediately surrounded,Zheng Jie was shocked by the formation,She subconsciously thought she was going to be beaten by the girls in front of her……
After stabilizing my emotions,Zheng Jie pretended to be calm and bold and said hello to the girls who had never known before,This is the way to come here,The general’s secretary specially taught her some skills to deal with the Shen family girls。
But boldness is not pretending,Zheng Jie from a military family,Inherited many character styles of soldiers in the family,Selfishness has never been her thing。
“Hello there。”
First to say hello to Zheng Jie,Naturally, Shen Ruoxue, another leader of the Shen family。
“Wow,Miss Shen Ruoxue,Your real person is more beautiful than the picture on the poster!You are so beautiful!”
This is Zheng Jie’s answer,As the loyal little girl of Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,Although never met,But she can still recognize Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun at a glance,She didn’t deliberately please Shen Ruoxue,Her hymn comes from the heart。
“No la……You are beautiful too。”