Jiang Fan smiled softly at her,Reach out,Brushed a strand of hair from her cheek,Put her behind her ears。
His actions,Made her heart tremble,In not too bright light,He seems to have mystery and charm that he usually can’t see,this person,Right in front of my own eyes,Is so within reach……
She just stared at him,Speechless。
Jiang Fan smiled,Caress her face,Said:“what happened,Don’t know?”
Her eyes closed,When opening again,There are crystal tears in my eyes,She blinked vigorously,Try not to make teardrops fall。
Seeing her charming look,Jiang Fan put her in his arms again,He knew she hadn’t fully adapted to him,Must say something,Let her relax,He holds her,Whispered:“tell me,How long was the book copied?”
A long while,Ding Yicai stretched out two fingers at him。
“Two years?”
She nodded。
Jiang Fan held her finger,Put it on my lips and kissed it,Said:“it’s beautiful,I was so amazing when I saw it!”
She whispered:“Purely to kill time,I don’t want to be exhibited by Dad。”Talking,She sat up straight。
Jiang Fan touched her little head,He can understand her“kill time”The meaning of,Not to kill time,PhD,Did you shoot so much grassland wind and sunshine again??But don’t make her sad right now,Put her hand in her hair,Said:“You look pretty with long hair。”
Ding Yi looked at him,Said:“Thank you。”Talking,Get up and leave,Poured him a glass of water。
Jiang Fan took the water,Take a sip,Look at him with nice eyes。
Ding Yi doesn’t know what to say,She walked to the window,Closed the curtains。Looking back at Jiang Fan,Said:“You are not busy?”
“not too busy。”
Ding Yi sit down,But didn’t sit back to the original position,But sitting opposite Jiang Fan,Said:“Why did you come to Langzhu to work??”