Didn’t shoot each other on the spot,He is already in his hand.。
He knows that Qin Weijun is just a piece of chess.。
It is the behind-the-scenes black hand specially pushed out to deal with their own chess pieces.。
But,This does not affect his killing of Qin Zaunjun.。
One for family interests,Camping a future of the gun,In order to deal with yourself,Put those special forces that throw the blood in the battlefield into a disabled……
Delivery of these years,Summer may have become a heart and even cold people。
But in his heart,Still http://www.lir9.cn flowing with a strong military。
In this impetuous society,There are too many temptations。
People in this impetuous society,There are too many want to be dissatisfied。
No matter what this society becomes。
There is always a group of people,Steel gun,Stand in front of the frontier。
There is always a group of people,Desperate danger,Shuttle in the rain of bullets。
There is always a group of people,Stay away from bustling,Use your own flesh and blood,Use your own full blood,Guard this territory。
They are not ordinary people in life every day.。
It is not for the businessman who wants to make a means。
Not having a leadership,Eye politician。
They are so simple。
They even with the bustling world。
them……A soldier。
Baofu is their responsibility。
Summer can’t be done like them,Never http://www.ramboedu.cn allow someone to blasphemy this profession!
If you change one place,He has long been living with this scum.。
Summer is tempted。
But he is not worried about himself.。
He knows from beginning to end,This time I entered the http://www.art0392.cn army to participate in the big competition,Is a man’s hand,Is the rules he formulated。
Everything dares to reach into the hand,I dare to get rid of the summer in the summer.!
This is the tacit understanding of both parties。