“You finally asked the right sentence。
Actually don’t want to,This beauty is nice,Just let her stay with me。
As for the others,Can go。”
Let my wife stay?
Do not,The impossible。”
When Lu Wei heard this,,Just thunderous。
“Oh!So this beauty is your wife?
That happens,How did you give me your wife?
As long as you give it to me,After that,What’s your business,My Li family covers you。”
“No way,Others can,This one won’t work。”
Lu Wei heard this,Retort。
Chapter 161: Shao Li
“No way?
Really funny,Do you know who I am?”
“I am not long after,Heir to one of the four new families in Jianghu City。”
“I play with your wife,That’s to give you face,Understand?”
Li Shao,Heard Lu Wei’s rebuttal,Immediately disdain。