“Do not,wrong,You two are wrong!It should be you two that scared us all to death,Ha ha……”
Qin Liang spoke。
“Sorry, Qin Liang,I’m holding everyone back。”
When Murong Shan saw Qin Liang,I suddenly felt wronged for some reason,So once this sentence is finished,Her eyes are red。
“What are you talking about!Why are you holding us back?You in that kind of emergency,Resolutely fired a warning shot,This allows us to come back in time to help Ruoxi,This is called dragging?This is called great work, OK??”
Qin Liang naturally has a way to praise Murong Shan。
“Just,We can block the skin monkey in that place this time,It’s all due to you and Sister Ruoxi!You don’t have to be humble, okay?”
Yang Shiyun helped speak too。
“Wakayu,How are you?You didn’t hurt anything?”
Murong Shan listened to what everyone said,I feel better now,Immediately caring about Shen Ruoxi again。
“What do you say!I didn’t hurt me,But both of my legs are about to break!Oh my God,That skin monkey really deserves to be a monkey,Can really run!And it’s a fast run!”
Shen Ruoxi sighed and said。
“No matter how fast the skin monkey runs,Didn’t I get rid of you??It means you can’t run slower than him!correct,I still want to ask you,Wakayu,You can run for miles in one breath!You used to practice long-distance running at school, right?”
Qin Liang is deliberately making Shen Ruoxi happy,Shen Ruoxi did run a long way,But it’s not far to reach such an exaggerated distance of several miles!Qin Liang is trying to please her cleverly。
“Nowhere……I used to be in school,The most annoying thing is attending gym class!And as long as you can be lazy,I’m determined to be lazy!”
Shen Ruoxi’s embarrassed answer。“That’s weird!How did you do it today?So many of us with strict military training are chasing you behind,Chased you most of the earth!I didn’t catch up with you!Good guy!I thought in my heart;When did Shen Ruoxi become Scud??Hahahaha!

Qin Liang deliberately joked and exaggerated。