Interesting discoveries of Yoga and biomechanical hanging headstands

This section of the self-practice focuses on asanas for spin and handstand.

The schedule for getting up every morning is to hang on the rope for 5 minutes.

Then there are other positioning arrangements.

  After working for an hour in front of the computer, I also choose to suspend the rope upside down for a few minutes to relax and stretch the rigid torso.

  The hanging upside down was done in the way shown in the picture below, so there was an interesting discovery: the hanging upside down that got up every morning, the space between the head and the ground was about 5 cm; and the work was completed again, the space between the head and the groundIt became 10 cm.

No one had ever thought that the high-post desk work position was maintained for 1 hour, and our bodies were actually 5 cm shorter.

Then through the increase of the holding time, the space between the head and the ground gradually shortened, and the body returned to its natural length.

Of course, the fall error between the body and the suspension rope is excluded here.

  An interesting phenomenon in yoga practice makes us understand the effect of gravity on our body.

  During a night’s sleep, the spine remains almost horizontal, so gravity has the least impact on the body. After getting up, the body is in a state of natural stretching.

  After getting up, the person is in an upright state, and the spine is correct. At this time, the influence of gravity on the body begins to increase. The muscles adjacent to our spine need to resist the influence of gravity to help the spine tilt up, so in yoga practice we willFocusing on the power of muscles comes from this, and at the same time, it is soft. The body needs the power of muscles to resist the downward influence of gravity and develop upward forces.

However, if the body is in a desk work state, we will also find that due to the incorrect posture, the spine is no longer in a vertical state at this time, but in a tilted state, so the spine is not only down by gravity.The force, and has not received the oblique component force towards the middle of the spine, at this time the vertebrae between the spine will be squeezed under the influence of this component force, keep this posture, and the natural space between the vertebrae will beDamage, so in this state to complete the hanging head upside down, we found that our main shaft has become shorter.

  The effect of gravity on the body is really amazing. Gravity gives us a source of strength where human beings can live down to earth. Just like astronauts come to space without gravity, everything that makes us seem simple is so difficult.

But when we cannot use gravity properly, we begin to become unsupported and begin to age.

The process of yoga practice is also to find which force opposite to gravity in each individual type, and then use this force to start the internal extension of the body from the outside, support the external bones, internal organs, and finally support our internalHealthy mind development.