After all solve,Li Hui also directly took Han Shanshan to the Lotus Village。
Back to lotus village,Li Hui Feng also directly went to the location of the vegetable factory。
At this time, there is already a general frame.。
For speeds that should be strong,Li Hui is also very satisfied。
It is also followed by the project.,After all, Li Ping’s emphasis on the vegetable factory seems to be stronger than the pig farm.。
And these days,Feng self-contained。
Because the vegetable factory is built,So the solar power will be installed for the first time.。
Although the solar power is not affordable, then a big production line,But it can make the daily daily daily use of the whole vegetable factory.。
The most important thing is that now they also start building their own teams.。
No longer a separate with the previous,Whether you need any materials, you must purchase parts with those big factories.。
He believes that as long as you go well,Soon, he will also become a big man in the future.。
Two people saw Li Hui’s arrival with Han Shanshan,It’s all rushed up.。
Have you to say that Han Shanshan’s color is one of the time for a time.。
Han Shanshan is not blamed for such a look.。
It’s good to be two people.。
“Lee Boss,The production line is getting it.?”
“Hey-hey,nailed it,Feng Bigcho is coming over?”
Feng heard this,It is also a laugh:“Recently, our team has expanded some,Harm to do it with your life.,And I feel that this vegetable factory is suitable for installing solar energy,So come over,At that time, Li Boss can support a wave.。”
“Support is affirmative support,But the price I think, I don’t have to say it.?
After all, I support you, I have a feeling that I spend money.,If you make another money again,Then I feel that you should understand.?”
Be said by Li Hui,Feng is also smiling:“rest assured,We don’t make money this time.,Improve their technology。”
“But I am preliminary estimate,It takes less than one million。”
Heard this number,Li Hui Feng did not care,After all, this time the production line can save a lot of money.。
“Row,You just need to follow the standard,money is not the problem。”
“Hey-hey,That’s thank you.。”
Feng Shuying, I just finished,The side should be self-reliant, and I will pull the other side to the side.。
“Feng Big Brother,You are some unsatisfactory.,How can this report work? How can I grab me??”
“Lee Boss,This progress,How can I have a month?,I really broke myself for half a month.,Because according to your requirements, this vegetable factory is not a small workshop.,But to build big。”
“I have designed drawings.,Do you want to see??”
Li Hui is just a mouthful in advance.,After all, it is also no experience.,It’s completely just about the idea and money.,The rest of him is basically a handkerchief。
It’s good to have these people next to him.。
“Row,let me see。”
“Hey-hey,Drawings in my tent,I will give you。”
Say,It should be self-improvement, I ran over and took the drawings.。
See a self-improvement drawing,Li Hui has not said anything,Han Shanshan is open.。