“Good evening everyone,I am Isaiah Thomas。”
“Hi,Isaiah。How are you in toronto?Is the Canadian climate still used??”
Isaiah Thomas,On the court is a real bastard villain,But he got off the court,Become a gentleman again,The person who always wears a gentle smile。
Or hiding a knife in a smile。
live~Cram the Boys and the LakersSHOWTIME’S grievance is very deep,88Lakers4:3live~Stop,Won the championship。
8~9Annual life~Stop4:0Lakers,Won the first championship。
The two years of magician and smiling assassin,The fight on and off the court is also very fierce,There are rumors,The smiling assassin loses the dream team,Except Jordan,The magician is also working behind。
“Elvin,I’m doing well。”Isaiah smiles。
“indeed,You have made a great achievement in Toronto。95The Raptors,You have chosen Damon these two years-Stoudemire and Marcus-Camby,Are all promising players。”
“Haha,They are nice。But Kobe, your Laker candidate is even better,How about we change?”
“Then you have to talk to Jerry!”
“All right,Let’s first introduce the audience to the All-Star lineup that will appear this year。”