Chen Tong stepped forward,Explained Chen Tong’s intention,And said all this was his idea,Let her forgive,Li Pei watched him standing in the sun profusely,I lost my breath in an instant,The two walked side by side on the vast grassland,Chen Tong seems to have found the feeling in love again!
Chapter 7 Bright Moon Raises Head 3
Li Pei was thinking:No matter what the purpose of your appointment this time is,I can only tell you it’s no use,I’m very dedicated to feelings,I have a boyfriend who loves me very much,He is tall and handsome,Sunny and cheerful,We are a match made in heaven。
No one can take it apart!It’s already afternoon5point,8The month is still the sun of summer,The sun is coming7Just go down,Riding on the grassland,The walker is not succumbed by the sun,They are still riding the horse,Full of pride。
This is a well-known grassland square,There is an endless stream of tourists visiting all year round,Summer is off season,The sun will shut everyone’s impetuous hearts in the air-conditioned room,But the attraction came up with a strange trick,Bonfire party at night,Invite a professional team to perform the show,acrobatics,entertainment show,calligraphy,There are all kinds of special programs for ethnic minorities,The most anticipated is the fireworks,Songkran,Attracted the attention of a large number of young tourists。
Chapter 7 Bright Moon Raises Head 4
Campfire8Start on time,They follow the global route outside the grassland,Walk slowly,Chen Tong has no time to care about the scenery along the way,He always pays attention to Li Pei’s expression,But there seems to be no expression。
Li Pei is calm inside,As a top student,Knowledge learned in books,She can only use it for me,She doesn’t read books,The book she chose is based on her own requirements,Mastery,Like for a while:To participate in a debate,The tutor recommended to her Girard’s speech training《Record of Li Daqiang’s speech》《This is what makes people like it》She took it back to the dormitory and watched it over and over again,I found that the target of these orators’ speeches was either entrepreneurs,Self-employed,Or a salesperson。
Then the audience is different,The content to be explained will not be the same,Not every successful person is what they say is the truth,Just like not all truth is equivalent to philosophy,Where is everyone’s perception,Where is the field he accepts。
She often sees many classmates buying a lot of celebrity speechesCD,The bed in the dormitory is full of literary novels from all over the world,There is a collection of Pushkin’s poems and a collection of Shakespeare’s novels,Camellia,The advantages of human nature,Ji Xianlin Novella,Confucianism,Lu Xun’s Novella Collection
Chapter 7 Bright Moon Raises Head5
She observed that classmate very seriously,He rarely publishes articles in the school’s art weekly,Mostly prose,Then the masterpieces in his collection:Poetry,philosophy,Novel,Celebrity documentary,for him,He read these things,learned,Not always available,Or it will increase his pressure,right?
She thinks so,She sometimes wants to express her true thoughts,But every topic just started,The strange expressions cast by those classmates,Let her immediately stop the content to be published later。
‘’Have you read the article I published in Sketch Travel Magazine?how do you feel?‘’Chen Tong asked carefully‘’The first original article is not bad,A poem is added at the end of each post,I’m not very interested in poetry,Dare not make comments。