It’s really unusual here,Others may not be able to detect it,But Xia Chenglong can’t find it,There is a magic circle under this,And the level is very high,Even in his heyday,I’m afraid there is no way to force it through,I really don’t know who left this formation。
If Mr. Bai can survey,I’ll be surprised,Because the formation here is also one of the ten ancient magic formations,The power will not be much less than the big sealing technique that Feng endless casts。
Apart from these,There is another feeling,As if all their secrets have been scanned by some mysterious power since they came here。
It’s like having a pair of eyes staring at them,As long as there is any wrongdoing,Will be attacked immediately,This feeling is not particularly good。
This place seems to be a low point,And in the middle of the valley stands a spire,In addition to seeming relatively simple,Not as expected。
Because this minaret only has one floor at most,How many things can be placed in such a small place?
“grandfather,You are not lying to us,Make sure this is the treasure house?”
“Do not talk,You will know when you go in。”The deputy dean has a serious tone:“remember,When I only give you three hours,When the time is up, whether you find what you need or not,Must come out,Understand?”
Everyone nodded,Then head towards the minaret。
Xia Chenglong no longer cares about these,Since it is chartered by the college,Then there will be no problem,Even if something happens,Yue Ling’er is here,I believe Yue Leipeng will not sit back and watch。
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Five Fruitful
The quaint door of the minaret opens automatically,The five looked at each other and walked in,did not expect,Here is the hidden universe。
Go in the door to see the layout inside,This turned out to be an inverted tower,In other words, its real place is under the ground。
Nothing on the first floor,Wait until they enter the second floor to understand what Yue Leipeng said。
There are two rows of mysterious mirrors of the same size in the entire hall,There are countless light groups in every mysterious mirror,Light group faintly floating,Exuding bursts of treasure,Looks very pompous。
“Zhao~long~old,Would you please first?”Yue Ling’er watched Xia Chenglong jokingly。
Xia Chenglong naturally understood what the other party meant,If you didn’t guess wrong,Those light balls should be what they need,just……How to determine,What’s inside。