Jiang Fan said,Going to kiss her。
Ding Yi avoided him,Said:“Don’t move,I have to cook。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“I’ll cook,You are off duty。”
Jiang Fan said,Put down the puppy,Just wash your hands。
Ding Yi ignored him,Continue to cut the vegetables into thin skins as you want。After Jiang Fan came out,She has finished cutting。
Jiang Fan said:“I come、I come,Beauty shouldn’t be tainted by oil and smoke。”He took off the apron from Ding’s waist,Tied to myself。
Ding Yi said:“All right,You go,Let’s talk back in the afternoon,The smell of oily smoke。”
Jiang Fan said:“Well,I take off my clothes and fry。”
He said,I really took off my clothes。
Ding Yi first took the pot and oil to make preparations before cooking,At this moment,Suddenly heard the dog barking,Ding Yi is so scared,She looked back,I saw the puppy with its ears and back hair,Retreat to Ding Yi in horror,There was another bark at the door vigilantly。
Ding Yi looked out,Can’t help but smile,No wonder the puppy barks,It turns out that Jiang Fan is only wearing a pair of shorts,Even more weird is,There is a floral towel on his head,The puppy can’t recognize him,Yelling at him。
Jiang Fan kept waving at the puppy,And bent over trying to hold it,But the puppy just doesn’t recognize him,Barking,Back to Ding Yi。
Helpless,Jiang Fan had to pick the towel,He said:“I’m afraid of the smell of the kitchen on my hair,Don’t want,You don’t recognize me。All right,I picked,Come,Come,Don’t show your teeth and claws at me like your master,I was tortured by both of you and I didn’t know how to do it。”
Listen to him,Ding Yi stopped his smile,Get serious immediately,Turn around and cook。