First2chapter、Supernatural power?!
“The old man is the contemporary head of the Xiaoyao School,Accept you as a disciple today,You have objections?”
That man with gray hair,But the skin is rosy and delicate,Not at all like an old man,But the tone is not small,Open your mouth and accept him as a disciple,Du Jueming feels uncomfortable,So many people just rushed to ask him to apprentice,He’s still picking,If this person doesn’t have any conditions, let him apprentice?impossible!
Du Jueming easily threw an observation technique at the person in front of him,Let me Kangkang, where are you sacred,How dare to pretend to be a ghost here!
No cliff
Qi and blood:???
Internal force:???
Ha ha.excuse me
Tiao,Du Jueming was shocked at the time,190Class character,Where does the general sect have this level of master,What’s more, these top masters personally come out to accept disciples,Then I can’t take off yet?!(Drop the towel)
Although some schools have super masters or even Zhang Sanfeng’s level,But if you join the teacher,Really may not be able to worship others,Mostly at the apprentice level。
But the person in front of me who claims to be the head of the Xiaoyao faction,But I personally said to accept him as a disciple,Then, don’t you just go up in your own generation?!
But the headache is that I don’t know other information about Xiaoyao faction,The official website forum does not mention Xiaoyao faction,It seems that this is a hidden school。
Du Jueming thought carefully,Still stabilized,Asked:“I don’t know what martial arts I can learn?”
Du Jueming wants to be martial arts of the martial arts not very good,Then stop apprentice,Anyway, it’s impossible to force him to be a disciple?
That person has no brains after hearing this,Took out a scroll from his arms and threw it to Du Jueming。
“Beiming magical skills are my unsuccessful school,No practice unless appointed by the head,If you are willing to worship me as a teacher,You can learn this skill。”