“This is jade,The carver is also very ancient,”Old man hesitates,“This color、The ground is still transparent, it should be a kind of glass that is less and less common nowadays,But it doesn’t seem right,Shouldn’t be so dim,——”Sniff,“What’s this smell?”

Fang Yourongdao,“That’s mint,I took the Heimei brand toothpaste and brushed it the day before yesterday。” The old man stared at Fang Yourong,The old man is […]

Peng Changyi supported himself and sat up,His legs crossed on the bed,Old Gu handed him a magazine,Said:“hot,Pad on the leg。”Wait for Peng Changyi to pad,Old Gu gave him the ceramic basin。Peng Changyi looked down,Said:“This is not instant noodles?”

Old Gu said:“It’s noodles,Your sister-in-law’s fried sauce。” Peng Changyi picked a chopstick,Sniffed,Said:“Really fragrant,I didn’t expect to be able to eat the fried noodles at home。” […]