In such a complicated situation as commercial regulations,There are so many opponents,Why did Mr. Yi target Daou??Da Ou is not that soft persimmon either,Not the one with the highest return,Mines of other groups and companies,Many are more valuable than Daou’s mine,Even if it’s worthless,It’s better than Da Ou?

Yi Xiangjun doesn’t know much about this,But she can barely draw that map。 Wait to see the map drawn by Yi Xiangjun,Baby Ou will understand,If […]

Bao Bao Ou is very lucky that he agreed to come to the variety show,Although Shang Mei and others followed,But after all, I got away from most of the caring eyes。Even the aunts at home took good care of her.Many aunts were afraid to talk to her before,Now you can watch her and ask her what she wants to eat。

I think she is so amazing,But I will die by accident at any time,Too grounded. This is Ou Baobao’s own understanding,But because of this understanding,So […]