Guo Miaomiao snorted。
Fang Hao’s character didn’t disappoint her,Really refused,It shows that this person still has a certain character。
It’s not in vain that she is so obsessed with that person。
but,She doesn’t seem to be happy,On the contrary, I was even more disappointed。
——Are you unwilling to do this??
——I just don’t like you so much?
Tao:“Since he is not willing,Then what are you coming to me for?The twisted melon is not sweet,I know the truth,I don’t have a hobby of being strong。”
Ye Wenwendao:“if you are willing to,I can persuade him。”
“I don’t want。”Guo Miaomiao said。
Ye Wenwen was taken aback:“Miss Guo,If I am not mistaken,You should like Fang Hao very much, right?”
“You are not mistaken about this,”Guo Miaomiao’s grievances,“But I want to like a man,I will fight for myself,Instead of letting others transfer to me。It will make me feel shame。”
Is it a question of humiliation or not?,But Fang Hao disagrees,Humiliation is useless。
“But now Fang Hao really needs your support,”Ye Wenwen said with red eyes,“Now he is under a lot of pressure,I’m so sad every day,I feel bad。”
“It’s not like that?”Guo Miaomiao puzzled,“At best, you won’t be a star,But now you should have made a fortune too?I think that crowdfunding is already2000More than ten thousand。How to find it is better than before,Why are you so worried??”
“It’s not that I can’t be a star,This will not cause much pressure on Fang Hao,When he rejected that woman,Already made that plan。”Ye Wenwendao。
“What are you worried about??”Guo Miaomiao doesn’t understand。