And the sweetness and shame of Miss Di in her daily life,That’s the happy look of sweet love。</p>
Everyone is spoiled by Su Luo,There are many videos。</p>
Inexplicably caught fire,And the number of fans of this blogger has also increased,So excited that he couldn’t sleep,Wake up overnight,Start editing video。</p>
He also understands,This is a special opportunity,No one pays too much attention to this。</p>
more and more people,After clicking to watch,Like and forward again,Soon it was pushed on the hot search。</p>
Domestic turbulence,And abroad,Su Luo and his party,Experienced a long journey of 26 hours,Finally arrived at a hotel in Madagascar。</p>
Twenty six o’clock,Even Su Luo can’t handle it anymore,Not a turnaround along the way,Just transfer。</p>
Race against time along the way,Finally arrived at the final residence。</p>
At a glance,Are very different from the domestic customs,But everyone didn’t bother to observe this。</p>
I just want to get the room card,Then go back to Meimei and take a bath,Then sleep again。</p>
Too tired along the way,Especially the older ones,If it’s not for the sake of face,Fell down a long time ago。</p>
In the hotel lobby,Several people looked at the room card in the director’s hand,Ningzhe said:“Everyone has traveled all the way to Madagascar, thousands of miles away.,But this is not our end this time,But before going to the end,Everyone can have a good rest in this hotel,Nurture enough spirit,Let’s around ten o’clock tomorrow morning,Depart on time to the final destination。”</p>
Li Yapeng nodded:“okay,We all know,Give me the room card。”</p>
Ning Zhe smiled,Immediately distributed the room card to everyone,Basically the rooms are connected,Huang Zitao is next to him。</p>