[Do you eat fat for breakfast]_ Drink porridge _ Breakfast _ Long fat

Some people who are losing weight do not always have the habit of eating breakfast, and simply think that this will have a better weight loss effect.

According to nutrition experts, this approach is extremely wrong. Breakfast is extremely important to human health, and eating porridge will not make you fat, it will only make you more abundant.

First, do you drink white porridge for breakfast to gain weight?

Of course drinking white porridge for breakfast will not make you fat.

Because white porridge is mainly colloid, it is easily absorbed by the human body, and it is very nutritious and does not cause weight gain.

Second, nutrition breakfast recipes (1) Minced meat porridge, bean paste, dried celery and tofu.

Minced meat porridge: previous rice.

Sticky rice.

Minced meat.



Bean paste bag: flour.

Red bean paste.

preserved fruit.


Celery Dried Tofu: Celery.

Dried tofu.

茭 White silk.


Nutritional Breakfast Recipes (2) Oatmeal, Vegetable Buns, Assorted Kimchi.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal.

Shredded ham.

Minced carrot.


Vegetable buns: flour.

Minced meat.

Pickled cabbage.

Dried tofu.

Assorted Kimchi: Chinese cabbage.



Chili and so on.

Nutrition Breakfast Recipe (3) Black Date Porridge, Fresh Meat in Small Cage, Dried Lettuce and Tofu.

Black jujube porridge: has been rice.

Sticky rice.

Horse sprouts.

walnut.Fresh meat in small cages: flour.

Minced meat.

Winter bamboo shoots.

Lettuce and Tofu: Lettuce.

Dried tofu.


Third, the nature of breakfast After long-term observation, experts found that if one does not eat breakfast after getting up in the morning, the blood viscosity will increase, and the flow will be slow, which can lead to cardiovascular attacks.

Therefore, a rich breakfast not only makes people burn a lot during the work day, but also benefits the health of the heart.

Adolescents who insist on breakfast are stronger than those who do not eat breakfast. They have strong disease resistance and are more prominent in school classrooms. They concentrate on listening, have strong comprehension skills, and have better academic performance.

For the working class baseline, eating good breakfast is also a guarantee for good basic work. This is because human brain cells can only obtain energy from the nutrient glucose, and after one night without eating and without breakfast, blood cannot be guaranteed.Adequate glucose supply will make people tired and fatigued over time, and even nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other phenomena will occur, and they will not be able to intervene vigorously.