Silver Dragon King Gu Yuena gave him an angry look。Know he didn’t mean it,I didn’t blame it any more。
“The Lord means?”Di Tian said with a heart move。
“Just appeared in the sky,Is the ancient phoenix。”Gu Yuena Road。
“The ancient phoenix has an immortal body at the end of its cultivation。I originally suspected it might not be dead,Now it seems so。”
“call!”The beasts are shocked。The ancient soul beast that was originally only the legend appeared!
“Lord,That is really ancient phoenix?”A beast shocked。
“Yes,It is indeed the ancient phoenix。”Gu Yuena nodded。
“This ancient phoenix may be the predecessor who fought with the giant swallowing beast three million years ago。It seems that it hurt a lot during the war。Although they have been reborn using the profound meaning of their race。But the breath is still weak。”Gu Yuena frowned。
“The main thing is,The place where the ancient phoenix appeared seems to be the human chassis。”Gu Yuena said lightly。
“Human chassis?This senior is not dangerous anymore?”Di Tian said nervously。
“That’s not enough。Where is that powerful soul beast so easy to encounter danger?But this is indeed a trouble。”Gu Yuena thought for a while,Said。
“Why don’t I invite the one to come to our Star Dou Forest?”Ditian’s heart moved,Said。
“This way is good。But it can’t be you。”Gu Yuena shook her head。
“Ancient phoenix has always liked female sex。Brigitte,No matter what method you use, you must protect the safety of the ancient phoenix。Bring it to me if you have the chance。”Gu Yuena looked at Brigitte and said。
Brigitte as the patriarch of the Emerald Swan family,In terms of appearance, it can be said that she is the number one beauty in the Star Dou Great Forest。On strength,As a beast of 500,000 years,Although the talent of their race is to heal rather than fight,But facing Title Douluo, he is not afraid。Plus,The healing talents of their race,I don’t worry about the accidents of the ancient Phoenix。
“Lord,I will complete the task at any cost。”Brigitte said firmly。She knows what Gu Yuena means。But she did not refuse。