Shen Huan listened to the reward content,Suddenly a little murmured badly。
If you give a spell,Or movie songs or something,That is the regular reward。
For example、Gubendan,It can only be obtained under very special circumstances。
Like this involves a separate skill,Basically it means that I will be in the future,Should work。
You want to increase cooking skills for widows,Or basketball skills,How good would that be?
It’s just a car I don’t like,Depressed enough。
With this depression,Shen Huan quickly fell asleep。
Wait till morning,Shen Huan found the Lakers players in the restaurant,And the staff,Are all gloating and laughing。
Such an atmosphere,It’s totally different from last night。
“what happened?”
Shen Huan who knows well,Carrying the dinner plate to be beside Kobe。
“You don’t know yet?”Iverson’s joyous road,“Something big happened in Houston last night!”
“I fell asleep late last night by their noise,Especially the fireworks。”Shen Huan smiled bitterly,“The scene just woke up,After washing,A little more energetic。”
“These bastards,It’s too much!”Kobe remembered this,It was also a burst of cursing。
he already38Years old,The body has reached a limit,Experience the noisy yesterday from afternoon to late night again,He is equally uncomfortable。