Lu Hua said:“Lao Zhu took the initiative to ask you about the planning,What attitude?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Mediocre response,Not warm to my initiative,It seems that I ask and don’t ask are the same。”
Lu Hua also laughed,Said:“It’s better to communicate diligently between you two,This is from a work perspective。From the perspective of mastering the overall situation,It should also be good communication,Know yourself and the enemy……”
Although Lu Hua doesn’t say much,But Peng Changyi can feel the rigorous words he always uses as the secretary general。
It was quiet this afternoon,I didn’t even have a phone call,Peng Changyi looked at his watch,Said:“Rarely quiet!How does it feel like something is wrong?”
Lu Hua said:“That is,Everyone knows that Friday afternoon is the time of the Standing Committee,If you want to find a leader, you won’t find it。Shall we find a place to have porridge at night?,A new congee shed was opened next to China Railway Hotel,Good environment,Very clean,I’ll see if Xiao Shu is here?”
Peng Changyi said:“she is not here,Go back to the province to ask for money。”Peng Changyi said。
Lu Hua said:“Is it for the Niuguantun stage??”
Peng Changyi said:“Yes。”
Lu Hua smiled,Said:“You really went to the province?”
Peng Changyi said:“How can she do without exercise?Since you came to me to take a post,I let her get in touch with the most practical、The most real thing,The accustomed person in the ivory tower,I don’t know how difficult it is for the grassroots?Let her get the most realistic exercise,Point to the grassroots and turn around,Can’t go back with gilding,I am also responsible to her。Grassroots work,It’s not good to have enthusiasm sometimes,Need to call all aspects of the relationship,Move all the active brains,Think of everything you can think of。Moreover,Since she is a cadre trained by the provincial party committee,How to make no contribution to the grassroots?In addition,If she really does this,Will increase her sense of accomplishment,This process brought her not only difficulties,It will be a pleasure in the future,Is a kind of capital,It is also an important mark of her coming to the grassroots。”
Peng Changyi and Lu Hua are talking about two days ago。
The day after Shu Qing came back with Peng Changyi,She went to Niuguantun,In the village committee office,There were two old people waiting for her。These two old people belong to the village theater troupe,There is an ancient local opera in this village——Beihe,It’s a unique protective play in the province,There was a big stage in the original village,It was demolished when it was broken,Sing in the village every year from now on,Just set up a stage temporarily。The two old men said,Seeing the village become more beautiful every day,Can you ask the working group to build the stage in the village。
After Shu Qing came back,Talking about this with Peng Changyi,Peng Changyi sent her to the army。Peng Changyi said:“Since you came from the province,I’ll leave the stage business to you。”