It turned out that after Shen Ruoxue left the room,,Didn’t leave right away,Heard two people,She couldn’t help but opened the door。
Qin Liang didn’t expect Shen Ruoxue to say such things,Stunned immediately。
I have a hasty!This sister-in-law is too open, right!She wants?Does she want to serve me with her sister?I am not dreaming,God,This is not only the egg pancake,It’s still an omelet with two eggs,This probability,Just make Qin Liang feel,Seems to have bought a bag of instant noodles,Gave an extra bag of seasoning package。
Shen Ruoxi saw Qin Liang’s eyes,I knew Qin Liang wanted to crooked,But at the moment she can only curse Shen Ruoxue,Feel that Shen Ruoxue is so disobedient,Such an old kid,Even listening to the wall,Really drunk:“Ruoxue,What are you doing!How can you say such a thing,Get out!Otherwise I’ll beat you up later。”
Shen Ruoxue saw her sister Shen Ruoxi make such a big fire,Tongue out playfully,Ran away quickly。
Qin Liang saw that Shen Ruoxue was roared away by Shen Ruoxi,A little disappointed on the face,Ugh,What a nice little girl。
Shen Ruoxi saw Qin Liang’s appearance,I knew Qin Liang was impure again,She said to Qin Liang angrily:“Qin Liang,You get off me right away,Have you bullied my sister,what,How about this little Nizi,How come in。”
Qin Liang was yelled at by Shen Ruoxi,Also shocked,I can hear that Shen Ruoxi is really angry,Quickly let go of Shen Ruoxi,Jumped out of bed,Looking at Shen Ruoxi with an aggrieved look。
This woman changed her face too quickly, right?,I was flirting with myself just now,In an instant it became an enemy。The bitterness in Qin Liang’s heart,Finally had the opportunity to make friends with Shen Ruoxi,Go to Wushan,I didn’t expect the result would be like this。Qin Liang thought of this,I really want to run to catch Shen Ruoxue,Give a hard fight。
“I tell you,Qin Liang,You better not play Ruoxue’s idea,Otherwise I’ll never end with you。”Shen Ruoxi grabbed the quilt and blocked her body,Warn Qin Liang。
Qin Liang said bitterly:“Ugh,Wakayu,Even if you give me a hundred courage,I dare not。Say again,That Xiao Nizi is still young!”
“You will not let it go,Waiting to be raised,Qin Liang, let me tell you,If you dare to bully my sister,I will kill you!”
“I dare not,Wife……”Qin Liang continues to be wronged,My wife is so cruel!
“Humph,Forgive you for not dare。”Shen Ruoxi saw Qin Liang’s pitiful look,A soft heart,Don’t plan to get angry with him anymore,It’s really unlucky tonight,I was interrupted by my sister twice,Shen Ruoxi felt sorry for Qin Liang。
Qin Liang paid so much for her,Shouldn’t be angry with Qin Liang。But now I want to be intimate again,Or wait for the little girl to break in again,That’s so embarrassing。Shen Ruoxi thought of Qin Liang’s wicked look when she moved her sister just now,Shen Ruoxi intends to make a joke to Qin Liang,Punish him。
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