I think she is so amazing,But I will die by accident at any time,Too grounded.
This is Ou Baobao’s own understanding,But because of this understanding,So she didn’t dare to say it。
Shang Mei organizes luggage quickly,“I’ll just say that I will follow you on business,Otherwise you look,You travel once,I never brought back the things I took out.”
Baby Ou thinks this is normal,“The things you bring out are for use,Who stipulated that you should bring it back when you take it out??”
Shang Mei laughed,“If this paragraph is broadcast,There must be a bunch of people saying you waste it。”
Baby Ou was stunned,This is a waste?“I’m useless to throw one.Someone will take over if you didn’t bring it back.”Paused,“The luggage from the business trip was taken away by the auntie there,Gave it to her daughter。Her daughter needs an interview to find a job after graduation,No formal dress,Auntie is very grateful to me.”
Shang Mei laughed again,“Then when these words are broadcast,Someone will say,So rich, let others use garbage you don’t need,Can’t you just buy a new one and give it to someone??”
“.”Baby Ou is a little choked,Is not,What’s wrong with you suddenly being so professional.but,It’s really possible。
“My money is earned by working hard,It’s not the wind.Why should I spend money on unrelated people??What I don’t need is rubbish?There must be a lot of people from the waste treatment plant waiting to find me.”
Shang Mei continues to possess,“At this moment,Comments and barrage should be,You are a rich second generation relying on your mother,Didn’t your money come from the wind?,Don’t insult the word hard.”
“.”Baby Ou leaned back,Choked,Is not,“Is there really such a comment?”
Shang Mei nodded,“Sure。Because there are too many children showing off their wealth,There are too many wealthy children who gnaw on the old family and their ancestors,So most people will not believe what you say。Everyone would think,Your best effort,I tried to reincarnate before I was born, right?。You only slept for four hours in three days at work,Unbelievable,Even if someone believes,I think it’s just once。”
“.”Baby Ou calm down,“indeed,Everyone’s definition of effort is different,Some people think that working for an hour a day,Even if you work hard,Some people think they have to study every day without sleeping,Is really hard。But most of the criteria for judging whether a person works hard,But only a single wealth and social status,This is not so good。I am rich second generation,I just don’t work hard,Born in a humble background to join a big business,Just work hard.”
Baby Ou shook his head,“Such a judgment is really narrow。”
Shang Mei put the suitcase,Pour tea and sit down,“right now,Immediately a bunch of people started attacking you,Because you say they are narrow。They will say you are the real narrow,Can’t see the truth and suffering in the world。The migrant workers who move bricks are really working hard,The poor students stay up all night and study hard,Also a real effort,You work overtime,Endless meeting,Unfinished report,This is not hard,But being stupid。”
“on,Many people think you don’t have to work hard at all,Can also become the chairman of Daou。Your mother is Ou Huang,You are the little empress,Officially succeeded to the throne,King’s Landing,The ultimate gesture of gnawing the old.”