[Effects and effects of wolfberry rice wine]_may_benefit

We all know that wolfberry is relatively long to eat in daily life. The most common thing is to drink wolfberry water, such as wolfberry jujube water, wolfberry can also be used to cook porridge or soup.

Lycium barbarum has the effects of nourishing the lungs, nourishing the liver and nourishing the kidneys, and is more effective in treating cough.

And rice wine is a kind of alcoholic liquor, generally not drunk, so can wolfberry soak rice wine, wolfberry soaked rice wine what are the effects and functions?

First, can wolfberry soak rice wine?

Rice wine can soak medlar, medlar has a good effect on nourishing the liver and kidneys, long-term consumption of sufficient liver and eyesight, but also strong bones.

Modern medicine has also found that wolfberry contains polysaccharides, which can enhance the role of enhancing immunity and anti-aging.

And rice wine also has a good blood circulation effect, many prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine also use rice wine as a medicine primer.

Therefore, wolfberry soaked in rice wine can better play the nutritional effects of wolfberry.

Second, the effect and role of wolfberry soaked in yellow wine is suitable for use in winter, because the taste of wolfberry is mild, so this medicinal wine is suitable for many people to replace.

For example, middle-aged men, through the decline of physical functions, weaken their resistance at the same time, wolfberry wine can nourish the kidneys and prevent kidney loss; women attach great importance to skin care, and if they can continue to drink wolfberry wine, they can slow down the aging of the skin; the elderly should evenMeaningful health, wolfberry wine can lower blood lipids and reduce hair replacement, so that the elderly can regain youthful vitality.

Third, the practice of soaking wolfberry in yellow wine: 1, washing and drying the wolfberry.

2, prepare a few pounds of rice wine, white wine, rice wine can also be used.

3. The glass bottle is cleaned, dried, and can be disinfected with alcohol.

4. The ratio of wolfberry, rice wine and rock sugar is 1: 1: 0.

2, that is, one pound of wolfberry and one pound of wine to put two or two sugars; you don’t need to add sugar.

5. Pour the wolfberry into the bottle, slowly infuse the wine, cover the bottle with a seal, and place it in a cool place. After brewing, shake regularly.

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