Xiao Aiguo looked at the mayor’s expression,Asked:“mayor,Can you look at this room?”
Jiang Fan didn’t understand what he meant,Said:“Not bad。”
“When will you move in?”
Jiang Fan realized that he was looking for a room for himself。Just said:“Secretary-General Xiao,Do you mean i live here?”
Xiao Aiguo nodded,Said:“Yes,This is our best hotel here。”
Jiang Fan feels too luxurious,Some piercing,Besides, he doesn’t like the special smell of hotels,Just said:“It will be fine if I take a break,If it’s a long-term stay。”Jiang Fan didn’t say what’s wrong,because,He doesn’t understand the situation,I don’t understand how other leaders live。
Xiao Aiguo said:“If you are not satisfied,We are changing place,I wanted to be here24There will be a waiter to clean the room every hour,Also in the city center,Convenient transportation。”
Jiang Fan said:“I am not dissatisfied,So satisfied,I just think it’s inappropriate to live here,Too luxurious。”
Xiao Aiguo feels,The new mayor is indeed different from his predecessor,The ex was afraid of not being luxurious,Dare to enjoy it,Nie Wendong once lived here,And more luxurious than this room,Many facilities like bathtub、Sit,Are customized for him,A bathtub,Worth more than 100,000 yuan。Thought of here,He said:“I have another plan,I chose two places for you,The purpose is also to ask for your personal opinion。”
Jiang Fan understands the intentions of a government secretary,Just said:“thank you,Make you bother,Where is the other place?It’s better not to be in such an open hotel,Don’t be so luxurious,Just be quiet。”
Xiao Aiguo said:“After I got the news in the morning,I contacted the logistics office of the military division compound,There are two small buildings there,Are for the reception chief,Warm in winter and cool in summer,Just simple,If you are not tired,Let’s go see,If you hit there,I’ll find someone to clean up this afternoon。”
Jiang Fan thought for a while,Said:“Is it far from here?”