Can’t go backwards。
Once the clothing factory is restructured,Successfully contracted,Self-loss and loss more,Make money to all of them,If you lose, you will pay it by them.,Positive momentum。
Horses factory, I have known Gao Bo.,The number of contacts in the two。
Recently, Gao Bo learned that he said that foreign trade orders can do,Horse Factory is holding a farting,For this, once the reform plan dust is set,Direct opening horseping production。
As for why it is necessary to change,This is a bit mean.,They are worried that the operating conditions in the factory become better,Will make the above change,So some negative lakes this year.,Take this to press down to undertake factory prices、Strive for credit cooperatives,Until now, the trick is still successful.。
This is not concerned about Chen Linzhi.,Just get the goods low,Based on quantity complete order,There will be no impact on him.。
Chen Linzhi listened to two people sing one and,Laugh:“The more workers, the better,My order is more urgent,It must be sent to Los Angeles within two months.。
Isn’t it coming soon?,A total of 500,000 pieces of solid color,Cotton material,It should be relatively easy to do,Yesterday, Ten brother said that you are the most reliable,Forty days can catch up?”
“Solid color?No other pattern?black、White cotton cloth these two quantities,Give my style size directly,Crop production can,Scale of workers in our factory,40 days should not be a problem,If you can’t do it, please also ask other plants.。”
The senior manager of the horse is too short.,Heart is also playing small abacus,Now I have received the performance of the single child.,If you don’t pick up the funds and tense。
Especially those workers,There is no batch of goods in the goods this year.,I have never played after the Spring Festival.,Don’t work overtime means less salary,They have begun to have opinions.。
What’s more?,I have also died that it is based on the US dollar.,And foreign companies can deal to get more loans,Taxes and fees are also available,Benefits。
Therefore, the head of the horse is still tend to first take this big order.,For future paving,First get the channel first,Solve overseas customers into other factories。
First get started,Worried that Chen Linzhi went to the Canton Fair after reading,Take the line with other clothing plants。
Unlike them these coastal economics,On the inland, some provinces of the inland can have more crazy in order to grab orders.,Horse factory has a deep touch。
Light is labor costs they don’t dominate.,The salary of the Special Economic Zone is higher,Many local workers have less than two thirty dollars,Even if you can’t buy a new mixed cigarette。
Talk about tobacco,This horses are brought by two Chinese.,Two bottles of Maotai,To the supply and marketing custom relationship,Total a total of more than 100 yuan。
The price is not high in US revenue,But look at the inland income,This ceremony is still harder.,Win in rare,I feel Chen Linzhi“foreigner”never seen it。
Chen Linzhi handed a cigar to them.,Take the head and continue to ask:“I have just opened the market.,There should be many orders behind,The salesmen under the hand are running。As long as you have good quality,Craft,I have orders in the future, I will prioritize your horse factory.,The high manager talked to you.?”
Horse factory lights cigar,Spit out a big mouth,Reply:
“Um,Material fee is calculated according to the purchase price,I don’t take my part,Only earn a payment,Three-fur money,Inside the fees containing delivery to the terminal。Freight is more expensive,It is estimated to produce this piece of light.,I really can’t make any money.,When Chen Chen, this friend”
NS91chapter Cost price
So-called worker plus three hair,Refers to the purchase of raw materials、Crop、Production、Pack,Order a short sleeve from their clothing factory,At the same time, it will also be conveyed to the cost of the terminal.。
As for the purchasing cloth、The cost of the label must be calculated,Negative procurement price of one piece of clothes,Still priced。
Chen Linzhi did not misunderstand。
Conversion to the US dollar is about ten cents,He believes this price is quite appropriate,Even if the price is estimated, it is difficult to cut how much,What’s more, I am still in a hurry?。
Eight characters have nothing,Not anxious to chat。
Chen Linzhi fingertips snow eggplant,Houjiro’s legs ask:“Cloth purchase,Horse boss, you have ready-made door.,Slightly I will,I will give you the sample.,Help me to calculate the total cost of the pier loading is probably?。”
“it is good,Do a dress and do twenty years,Things are not simple in my hand.,I can guess the probably cost,Now many of the clothing orders in Southeast Asia,Strong businessmen transferred to us,Not to see our cost advantage,Taxes are still very low。”
Sale of the horse factory self-selling,Fifth hundred pieces of short sleeves are not a small number,He will be very enthusiastic.。 Businessman’s mouth,Say that except for the employment,It’s hard to do a true class.?
Purchase raw material link pressure compaction,If you can talk to,The profits of their factory have at least 20 to 250,000 yuan.,This still looks at foreign trade orders,Want to make a big run to fight for orders。
Remove workers wage、Taxation、Transportation warehousing cost, etc.,Can always earn money in the factory,More importantly, the Malays feel that you can take orders to do articles.,Give the above people。