Everyone also followed。
With everyone’s foil,The atmosphere is a little better now。
just,Bride’s face,Still not very good。
of course,Not just because of being slapped,This is so ugly。
From small to large,Regardless of looks or grades,Including family,Lu Yingying is better than herself。
This time,I thought I could surpass the opponent once。
did not expect,At last,The man the other party found,Still better than what I found。
As for this one the bride thought,Lin Yu doesn’t know。
Today is my big day,See the atmosphere recover,Lin Yu naturally retreats,Save the bride embarrassment。
“Wait a while to finish the wedding wine,Go straight home,still is?”
After everyone knows Lin Yu’s identity,No longer look down on like before。
But in the eyes of Lin Yu,With a kind of desire to know Lin Yu。
Precisely because of this,Lin Yu doesn’t plan to stay here more。
“go home!I was so embarrassed with my girlfriend,Go talk to her,Will make it even more embarrassing。”
Original idea,I’m going to reminisce with my girlfriend。
But the current situation,Where can I relive。