Stinky,Now more and more presumptuous,It’s totally different from before!
In a panic,She forgot to continue to satirize Shen Huan’s whimsical。
《A bowl of Yangchun noodles》Is well written,At least Shui Qianyu can feel it,Among those simple words,The true feelings、struggle、Friendly and gentle。
Such articles,Don’t say she can’t write,No one else she knows can write。
It happens that Shen Huan, besides being handsome,,Worthless guy,Can actually write,It’s incredible。
But even so,With an article,I want to make the small noodle shop like a fried salted fish flourish,Shui Qianyu didn’t believe it。
If people really cheat,So much advertising、What is the publicity,What do you still need to hone your craft??
“Oh,correct,and this。”
Shen Huan took a piece of thick ink“Reservation”The prismatic long wooden block was taken out of the bag,“Evening paper is published in the afternoon,Let’s wait until after the afternoon market,Just put2Go to the table。”
Shui Qianyu“Ha ha”Twice,“Tell my parents about this!”
“Shui Xiaomei Children’s Shoes!”Shen Huan said angrily,“For whom do i work hard?Not for our family?For our future?Such an important thing,Don’t you work hard with me?”
A piece of ice cream fell in front of them。
A fart kid eavesdropping on them,Ran away into the street,He yelled while running:“mom,mom,Terrible,Brother Huan and Sister Shui are going to have a baby……”