Shen Ruoxue hurriedly corrected。
“its not right!TV news,In the newspaper,You are said to be the most beautiful general!”
Shen Ruoxue’s words immediately drew questions from the boys。
“Oh……That is the rank of general awarded to me by that country……”
Shen Ruoxue’s embarrassed explanation。
“cut,Isn’t that a general?!Really……”
Get,Shen Ruoxue’s darker and darker rhythm。
“Monitor,If we are bullied in the future,Will you bring your people to help us kill them??”
Another guy asked with open mind。
“That definitely won’t!but……But we can change into casual clothes to help you beat them up,Haha。”
Shen Ruoxue finished,I can’t help but laugh……
This unique meeting lasted until the afternoon,Shen Ruoxue reluctantly bid farewell to the students,And then left school with his own people。
“Ugh,I really miss the days when I used to go to school and study with my classmates!”
On the way back,Shen Ruoxue said with emotion。
Liu Xiaoyun’s face immediately appeared embarrassed,Embarrassed look。
“but,I prefer the unfettered life now!No need to do homework every day,No exam,No need to get up so early in the morning to go to school……”
Shen Ruoxue saw the look on Liu Xiaoyun’s face,Hastily added another sentence!Then he put his arm around Liu Xiaoyun。
“You really think so?”