“Stop it!”Assistant coach Chen Mo said to Hu Lai,“The purpose of this training is to allow you to get rid of the defense and then shoot in the penalty area.,Come again!”
Hu Lai certainly knows the purpose of this training,A week ago,Director Zhao arranged such special training for him,In response to the way Hu Lai used to score most of the time when shooting,Increase his ability to get rid of defensive shots in the penalty area。
The reason for doing this kind of training now,Because it has something to do with the body’s ability to fight。Before the strength training is over,There is no way to arrange this kind of training——There is no stage result of confrontation training,This kind of training has little effect。
Now it is naturally because Hu Lai has gone through three phases of strength training,The coaching staff believes that his physical condition meets the requirements for this kind of training。
Then Hu Lai took the opportunity to ask Director Zhao to improve his physical fitness.。
For young players like Hu Lai who actively demand improvement,Zhao Kangming is a hundred likes,At the same time, he told him that the improvement of physical fitness is not a matter of overnight,Let him not worry。The coaching staff will not be like strength training,Arrange a short-term training plan for him,But will follow the existing training plan,Let Hu Lai continue to execute。
After all, in Zhao Kangming’s opinion,Although Hu Lai feels that he will be exhausted at the end of the whole game,But he recovers quickly,So his stamina is not as bad as the physical confrontation back then。
Moreover, the players continue to train under high intensity and heavy load,He was worried that it would crush Hu Lai’s body。To know,Training this thing is to pay attention to science,It’s not just that it’s good to blindly intensively train the devil。
Especially young players like Hu Lai,strictly speaking,His body is not fully developed yet,It’s easier to get injured at this time,And once injured, it is likely to be a hidden injury that accompanies the entire career.。
Like another Luo Kai who learned from Dongchuan with Hu Lai,He was training too hard when he went to Hedong Raiden,The result was a serious injury,Rested for nearly four months。
That injury,Severely slowed down Luo Kai’s progress。
Although Hu Lai is now 19 years old,But Zhao Kangming decided to be more cautious,He doesn’t want Luo Kai’s tragedy to repeat itself on Hu Lai。
Whether it is Luo Kai,Or Chen Xingyi、Hu Lai,For these talented young players,It is never their talent that determines how high their future career achievements are,But luck——Can you be less injured,Can you not be seriously injured,Means whether they can perform consistently outstanding performances in their careers,Good condition can not be interrupted by injury,Is the most critical。
Zhao Kangming explained this to Hu Lai,Hu Lai naturally fully understands and supports Zhao’s arrangement。
After all, in the time and space he came,Messi and Cristiano·Ronaldo can dominate football for a long time,And both of them didn’t suffer that kind of fatal injuries in the early stages of their careers.,And they stay healthy for most of their long careers.。