Fang Yourongdao,“That’s mint,I took the Heimei brand toothpaste and brushed it the day before yesterday。”
The old man stared at Fang Yourong,The old man is obviously very dissatisfied with the mint toothpaste that is obviously left in the small tower,Gave the printed manual in the shop,After carefully explaining the method of maintaining the jade, it is still endless,“Summarize and maintain jade,Jade jewelry has three points:The first is to avoid head-on,Damage jewelry。The second is to avoid high temperature exposure,So as not to lose water,Cause dryness and discoloration。The third is to wear it often,Often use a soft cloth or soft brush soaked in water to brush away the dirt left on it。Maintain humidity when not wearing it for a long time.It’s important to prevent jade from losing water。The self-made maintenance manual provided in the store has instructions,You take a closer look。”
Listen so,Fang Yourong understood a little bit,This thing has stayed in the wall for at least half a century,It’s rare to keep this bleak state。While buying jade, they all listened to such a rare lecture and learned together。
The customer who bought the jade pendant just now interjected,Looking at Xiaota, I can’t put it down,In words, there happened to be a child in elementary school at home,Attached to this Wenchang Tower is just auspicious,Very sincerely bid 100,000。
One hundred thousand?Fang Yourong was a little dazed,Heartbeat,Little things can be worth so much?
“Sorry,This is family,I will not sell。”Pressing the heartbeat that almost jumped out of the chest,Fang Yourong refused。If it is left half a year ago,He will definitely sell,Can enter this city for a few months,Touching countless shapes*The crowd,This trick can’t fool him anymore,He doesn’t think anyone would buy a small pagoda at such a high price,Rich people are not fools,Unless it’s value for money。
Fang Yourong let the guests keep playing,Not snatched it back,It’s important not to show money,If it’s already exposed, don’t be shackled,The truth obtained after running the business for a few months is:Don’t look petty in front of the rich,Otherwise in addition to being despised。
The other party has the tolerance to refuse to sell,The old gentleman who was doing the appraisal sighed slightly,This obvious gesture made Fang Yourong very excited after a thought,Presumably the value of this small tower must be higher than the price offered by this guest。Although it is really surprising that it is worth so much money,Compared with the name Wenchang Tower,Fang Yourong still thinks it looks like a town demon tower,The clean and transparent emerald green is very comfortable to see,As if it can clean the soul。
Facing the polite and resolutely non-transferring Fang Yourong,The guests won’t bother,On the side,The old man kindly gave Fang Yourong a business card,If Fang Yourong wants to change hands to this emerald Wenchang Pagoda,Prioritize them,It must be negotiated on the price。
Fang Yourong collected this business card carefully,Who has no emergency,Maybe this is an emergency property,all of a sudden,In the past week, the anger at the small company that embezzled his high commission has also dissipated a lot.,Even the feeling of returning home to celebrate the New Year is happy。
Wrap the small tower carefully and place it close to the center of the package,With this little thing as the background,The standard for buying gold earrings has also improved,“Please help me get the earrings。”I am very glad to have no hesitation in asking for the more important one next to the golden earrings。
“The style you picked is very old,What do you think of this one?”The clerk is very dedicated,Pretty good attitude,At the same price he was prepared to buy,The clerk recommended exquisite flower earrings,“This is the latest,Peach-shaped ear points,Best for unmarried women,Has the meaning of promoting marriage。”
Face recommendation,Fang Yourong is a little embarrassed:“Don’t need too foreign style,I bought it for grandma。”
“You buy earrings for your grandma?”The old man who hasn’t walked away took a look at Fang Yourong。
Looking at the peach blossom earrings recommended by the clerk,The workmanship is indeed fine and fashionable,It looks very beautiful in the eyes of Fang Yourong, a man。I can hear the old man’s question,Also responded smoothly:“My grandma wore copper earrings for a lifetime,I also made money when I went to work in the first year,I want to bring her gold earrings。”The grandma, who hasn’t left more than the county seat in her life, is getting older,Although the nagging is unbearable,but,That is a good grandma who silently dedicated her life to her family。
The old man looked at him again,The people and the shop assistants also looked at Fang Yourong。