Huatong shares plan to invest 300 million US dollars to build Dongyang Huatong pig farm
On the evening of March 13th, Zhejiang Huatong Meat Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huatong Shares”) announced that it had reached a cooperation framework with the People’s Government of Weishan Town, Dongyang City on the construction of a 300 million Dongyang Huatong pig farm.And has a long-term framework agreement.The announcement shows that Huatong plans to invest about 300 million yuan in Weishan Town, Dongyang City to build a hog farm with 5,000 sows per year and more than 100,000 commercial pigs per year.The project’s estimated total land area is about 400 acres, 200 acres of facilities for agricultural land.At the same time, Huatong Joint Venture established a company in Dongyang District to take charge of the construction, implementation and operation of related projects.In the construction of basic supporting facilities from Linkou Village to the farm and the land leveling of the project under the improvement of Huatong shares, the People’s Government of Weishan Town, Dongyang City will subsidize Huatong shares for 8 million yuan.Huatong said that this cooperation is conducive to expanding its own pig breeding scale, accelerating the development of its main business, and promoting a win-win situation in both pig breeding and environmental protection, which is in line with Huatong ‘s long-term planning and development strategy.At the same time, investors are reminded that this agreement is a framework agreement. There are uncertainties in the specific implementation content and progress, and it will continue to disclose information according to the specific cooperation.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Siyang editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading He Yan