Lin Yun’s hairs all stood up in an instant。
Look up,It was Qin Shi,Moved a small bench,Sit in front holding your own feet。
“What are you doing?”
Lin Yun thought,Is this Qin Shi a pervert?!
Qin Shi looked at Lin Yun,Smile,Support her right foot with one hand,One hand gently rubbed the acupuncture points on Lin Yun’s feet。
“It won’t work to press her feet on his wife?”
Lin Yun’s face flushed suddenly。
The man who washed his feet,So far only the father。
Let others wash their feet,What an embarrassing thing,and,With the identity and status of Qin Shi,I was willing to bow my head and wash my feet。
Does he think he is not good enough for himself!
Lin Yun looked at Qin Shi’s eyes,A little more distressed。
“Qin Shi。”
Qin Shi did not look up,Just answered。
Lin Yunqiao flushed。
“I want to wash your feet too。”