“temporary。”Finished,He sighed。
Wang Jiadong caught his sigh,Said:“What are you sighing?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“It’s nothing,I sigh。”
Wang Jiadong stared at him,Said:“There shouldn’t be anything to do with you kid, right??”
Peng Changyi smiled,Look away,Said:“Am I someone who doesn’t understand the rules??Moreover,In kangzhou,Said Jiang Fan,I should be closer to Xiaoding,If something happens,Can wait till today?You,Don’t listen to others talking nonsense,if that is true,I will underestimate myself。”
Wang Jiadong nodded,He indeed heard from Shen Fang’s mother,Just said:“I also think so,regarding this problem,I never doubted you。now what,I can’t tell you serious things,Not to mention some wild fun?I heard,Nana’s trouble?”
“Ugh,Little child,Are all influenced by her mother。For this,I always feel sorry for Xiaoding,Originally she left that day,I promised to send her off,As a result, the child made such a fuss,I was too embarrassed to let me send it,Besides, I am too embarrassed to give it away,Delivered to the station,Since then,Never contacted,She called Wenwen,Don’t contact me anymore,Turns out there is another call,right now,There is no more phone call。You say,A girl’s house,Who is not afraid to cause trouble?!Moreover,She has a lot of trouble。”
Peng Changyi makes sense,And not cover up,Frank。
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“She hasn’t contacted Wenwen for a long time。This kid is nice,sensible,reasonable,It’s all that Gaotieyan,I had to ask her,Secretary Fan,I followed Gao Tieyan,If Xiaoding doesn’t go to the government,Still in the organization department,Nothing。correct,Kid。”Wang Jiadong suddenly looked at him and said:“Such a long time,There is no woman to your liking?Are you waiting to get back to Xiaofang??”
Peng Changyi’s mind is still on Ding Yi,I was taken aback when I heard what he said,He said puzzledly:“Why do you think so?”
Wang Jiadong says:“What do i think so,I’m afraid some people will think so。You are the secretary of the municipal party committee,Divorced for so long,Still single,I have never heard of any scandals,I haven’t seen any woman close,Of course people have reason to guess,You are waiting to remarry。”
This problem was unexpected by Peng Changyi,seriously,For one’s own personal problems,He did not take too much thought,One is around him,There is indeed no suitable candidate;Second, he has an insurmountable benchmark in his heart,It is difficult for ordinary women to touch his heart;Third, he re-selected a spouse,Will be very cautious,of course,There is another important reason,He has Chen Jing in his heart,He found that he liked Chen Jing more and more,Chen Jing is like a blank paper,Simple and cute,Not so much utilitarian and glitz,He Peng Changyi printed a bright mark on this white paper,And Chen Jing is good and sensible,Youthful and lively,Not too much scheming,Peng Changyi is very happy with her,Easy,Also very happy,It is normal for him to make no progress on personal issues。
Municipal Party Secretary Single,Of course a lively topic for the people around。The chairperson of the Women’s Federation has been concerned about this issue。Zhu Guoqing’s wife also expressed to him through Zhu Guoqing’s mouth,The opponent is a straight unit,I haven’t waited for Zhu Guoqing to finish,Peng Changyi interrupted him,Say thanks to sister-in-law for thinking,I don’t want to think about personal issues now。
As Peng Changyi,He had to think about the intentions of these enthusiastic people,Maybe,Normal proposal,In his opinion, they will treat them as abnormal,He is now sensitive,Even the female cadres who usually receive reports,He is cautious,For fear of rumors,Furthermore,Wherever you can see,I really didn’t find the woman who tempted him,and so,Even if it’s someone kindly proposed marriage,He will politely refuse,And never sloppy。
Like Peng Changyi’s situation,Even if he just finds,Also very helpful,He will resist those who propose in his heart,But he can’t date women like ordinary single men,He still has many taboos。but,What Wang Jiadong said right now,But it made him think of the other side of doing this,It is easy to give people the illusion that they are waiting to remarry with their original spouse,Thought of here,He told the minister: