Qin Liang joked。
“There is nothing wrong with that,Originally, the last thing our family lacks is fairies。”
Murong Shan answered triumphantly,If you judge from the appearance,It is true that the most indispensable thing in the Shen family is a beautiful woman with a beautiful face and a beautiful appearance.,Murong Shan did not exaggerate this point。
“correct,Ruoxi?I called her just now and no one answered。”
Qin Liang finally thought of his wife……
“Oh,Your wife is taking a bath。”
Murong Shan adjusted the direction of the phone,Aimed at the bathroom where Shen Ruoxi was taking a bath。
“Can’t you take your phone and go around in the bathroom??”
Qin Liang’s whimsical question。
“This really can’t。”
Murong Shan answered angry and funny。
“Discuss it,How about going back to buy you a gift?”
How boring Qin Liang is,I can say such naive words。There is such a resisted temptation to convince Murong Shan,Only he can think of it……
“Sorry,Mr. Qin,I can’t help with this,Haha,You should turn around and talk to your beautiful daughter-in-law。Not to mention,I really took a peek just now,Tut……Your wife’s figure,simply……Tut tut tut……”
Murong Shan deliberately slandered Qin Liang。
“I have a hasty,Aren’t you my wife??Or let me see you first?”