Old Gu said:“It’s noodles,Your sister-in-law’s fried sauce。”
Peng Changyi picked a chopstick,Sniffed,Said:“Really fragrant,I didn’t expect to be able to eat the fried noodles at home。”
quickly,A small enamel bowl of noodles was swept away by him,He handed the empty basin to the old lady,Rubbed his belly and said:“Gosh,Just had a full meal today,so comfortable!”
Old Gu said after taking the empty basin:“A big day,Except pouring wine into the stomach,It’s the biscuits and a bowl of tofu in the morning,It doesn’t hurt your body?”
Peng Changyi wiped his mouth and said:“Ha ha,Nothing,I am young。”
“You are not always young,Hey——”Old Gu sighed distressedly。
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Old Gu,Despite drinking too much,But the wine at night is happier than the wine at noon,happy,Enjoyable。”
Old Gu sitting in a chair,Said:“Yes,Why has Zhou Lin changed so much?,I saw him poked with those two women,Lost leadership status。”
“Yes,By the way, old Gu。”Peng Changyi suddenly remembered something and asked:“Kyrgyz political commissar drank too much,He left early,Will something happen?”
Old Gu smiled,Said:“The political commissar of Kyrgyzstan was taken away by me and Xiaodu.,Infusion in the health team。”
“what?Then i have to go see。”Saying he will go to the ground。
Old Gu said:“Don’t go,I guess this will end early,In addition,The director of the base also went to the health team,You,Just pretend not to know,Ha ha,You drank their top and second leaders into the clinic。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Which is my drink,Four or five of them pour me one,I drank so much again at noon,They bullied me for being single and weak。”
“Ha ha,You are good,I also drank two motorized wells。”Old Gu Nuo teased him and said。
“Ha ha,Don’t tell me,It’s people’s army supporting local construction,Concerned about the suffering of the people,Just did this。”
Old Gu admires Peng Changyi’s point very much,Just how much alcohol you drink,Sober mind,Never say wrong。