“really,There is still room for improvement!”
Fang Yu returned home。
Wash http://www.arrow-oil.cn up。
then,Started practicing……
Early next morning。
Fang Yu heard the call。
immediately,Fang Yu opened his http://www.qhdjhpm.cn eyes。
Answered the phone in the past。
“it’s me,Money for you,Received yet?”
Suo Yi asked。
“Not paying http://www.szhsjj.cn attention……”
Fang Yu slowly said。
itself,Fang Yu has been in a state of cultivation。
I didn’t hear other sounds at all。
The phone is also muted。
Unless you call,Will vibrate strongly。
“You quickly confirm……If it doesn’t arrive,I’ll ask the bank!and also,Are you free at noon?I have a friend who has problems with his waist……Want to tell you something,Have a meal by the way!”