“Zoriana,We are here for school trip,Not here to cause trouble。”
Although often mischievous,Cause trouble,But bloggers are responsible for their responsibilities。
Now that I have become a suspension of school travel committee,Then we should make sure that everyone spends this time of absence happily。
“Even if I ran into it myself,How is that。”
“Konoha’s Imp,It’s better not to wander around on our island。”
The brown exploded man looks at the blogger in front of him with a disgusted expression on his face。
“You know we are Konoha?”
Bo Ren walked to the front of Zuo Liang Na,He came to the brown man with explosive head and said。
“Of course I do,You look sad,I can tell at a glance。”
The Afro man didn’t care about these little ghosts in front of him。
“I thought this village was pretty good。”
“Do not,The village is really good,It’s just that some people in the village are rubbish。”
Bo Ren also noticed this time,Although I don’t know why,But this man came to make trouble on purpose。