Xu Xuan seriously,But he is not nervous。
joke,Facing the Warriors and Cavaliers are not nervous,Face them?
It’s a big deal, just go all the way to the dark。
Until now,Xu Xuan hasn’t exerted his full strength yet。
Ah Lian should be able to help him a little,Don’t mess with others!
Anyway, Xu Xuan is going to kill the opponent in this game,Blast the opposite!
Because of the harsh words before the game,The atmosphere was dull after both sides played。
Both sides sent the starting,The Chinese team is still the previous lineup。
Xu Xuan、Xiaoding、Zhou Peng、A Lian and Zhou Qi。
The Australian team is,Patty·Mills、Matthew·Dravidova、Joe·Ingles、Five of Baines and BogutNBAPlayer starting。
Double guard lineup,and,The Australian team still played Bogut, who had planned to rest.。
“I’m coming,This is the key battle to determine the second team!”Yu Jiajie said,“Chinese team or Arab League jump ball,The last game was the UAE jump ball,Won Venezuela,Hope this one,United Arab Emirates can still bring us good luck。”
Uzbekistan also lived up to expectations,Jump directly to win Bogut,Won the first offense for the Chinese team。