Dream Butterfly Drink Three Cups,Because I didn’t use aura to resist,Causes a blushing face,Don’t have a flavor。
When they were talking and laughing,Several people are sitting in a room on the second floor,Although they are among the top few in this conference,But his face doesn’t look happy。
The Chen family sitting sideways glanced at everyone,Look at Wang Rongguang sitting in the first place,The corner of his mouth smiled contemptuously:“Wang Lao,This situation seems different from what you said!”
The other one next to it:“exactly,Mr. Chen is right,At the beginning we agreed to four or six points,It’s also because your Wang family put a lot of effort into putting the Zhao family back,But now I haven’t got the iron ore,This……”
Old fox!
Wang Rongguang’s face is gloomy:“Everybody,Everyone personally watched whether my Wang family tried hard,Lost so many masters,Is it my Wang’s pleasure??”
“Iron ore?We only care about iron ore。”
There was an agreement before the conference,Plus what was finalized last time,By the Wang family,Take it from the Zhao family first,Then everyone buys shares together,Now I haven’t even taken it back.,Not to mention the following things。
Wang Rongguang gave a cold snort:“rest assured,Since my Wang family promised something,You won’t miss it,The iron ore will be available。”
“reason?”Canaan Luo bit out the most important thing。
Must give them a convincing reason,Otherwise who would believe?
“What Patriarch Jia said is,If Mr. Wang doesn’t give a specific plan today,Then we all have to do it!”
“Humph,This is the next course of action,You can take a look,If you don’t think so,Then go,I won’t stop。”Wang Rongguang handed the scroll to you,“But let me remind you,That Xia Chenglong is not easy to deal with,Don’t be like us then,Lost madam and broke down。”
Everyone looked at each other,Feel the plan of inspecting the scroll carefully,Look up in a few minutes,Nodding to each other。
All scrolls were directly shaken into powder on the spot,“Wang Lao deserves to be Wang Lao,it is good,We will believe you for the time being。”
Old fox,I really don’t see rabbits or hawks。
Wang Rongguang can only hold the fire pressure in his stomach,After all I want things to happen,Still need the help of these guys。